Thanks for your interest in working with me!

I offer consults primarily by phone. I also meet in person in the New York City area, or can send you a recorded session or written consultation based on your needs. Sessions can be recorded at your request and emailed to you for download. Many people find it valuable to replay the recording from time to time. Services require an accurate birth date, time and location

The following are suggestions, so let me know what you need. While not required,  feel free to share your priorities about areas you’d like extra attention on such as life purpose, relationships, career or family.


Consult No. 1

75 min / $120

A thorough interpretation of your birthchart with insights as to what you’ve signed up, so to speak. What you have to do to be true to your identity and happiness, awareness into your psychological dynamics and suggestions for advancing beyond karmic patterns or conditions.


Consult No. 2
Looking Ahead*

75 min / $120

What’s happening currently and a look ahead: Transits, Progressions, Solar Arcs, Solar Return


Consult No. 3
Follow-Up: Personalized
problem solving

30 min / $60

A consult focusing on one area for repeat clients


*I generally like to do a natal reading first, unless you have a solid grasp of your chart basics.